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Free UGG shoes

A persistent, committed and inventive Aussie surfer called Brian Smith was confident in 1978 that UGG® Australia footwear had a place within the U.S. marketplace. He was determined to locate it. Thankfully, it did not take him very long to realize how UGG® boots would fit identical feet in the U.S. as they fit surfer's feet in Australia. The fact is, Brian soon found there was currently a core number of surfers which introduced UGG® boots back via Australia to share with their American surfing friends.

In 1995, Deckers Outdoor Corporation obtained UGG® Australia. By 1998, the item series had expanded to feature two boots, four slippers and a few casuals. It was in 1998 in which the UGG® Australia brand first moved up alongside the finest luxurious footwear brand names. UGG® Australia has been named Footwear News' "Brand of the Year" in 2003. That same year is when sheepskin boots began popping up on runways inside Milan, Paris as well as New York.

Currently UGG® classic footwear are sold from LA to New York to London and many points in between. The line has grown beyond the UGG® boot to incorporate UGG® slippers, shoes, clogs, UGG® sandals and all-weather products made of identical great Australian sheepskin, in addition to fine leather and rugged rubber.

The UGG® Australia customer values luxury and comfort. Only the very best materials are utilized during the design of UGG® shoes - the highest quality leathers and suede, as well as, the finest sheepskin. UGG® Australia stands out as the world's largest purveyor of grade-A sheepskin. The company takes fine care to ensure that every shoe will almost certainly feel great as soon as you place it on your foot.

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